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The Ottawa Electronics Club exists to provide a social environment for electronics professionals, students and hobbyists to share their accumulated knowledge, skills and experience, and to promote electronics as a profession.

How to Join

Simply join the Yahoo groups mailing list OEC_list@yahoogroups.com, Click here to Join

Who Are We?

The Ottawa Electronics Club is a community association of electronics professionals and hobbyists who meet regularly to share their accumulated electronic knowledge and skills and enjoy a social gathering of like minded individuals.

Where/When Do We Meet?

We meet monthly on the third Wednesday of every month at Maker Space North, 250 City Centre Avenue, Bay 216 at 6:30pm. Enter City Centre Avenue from the North end from Scott Street and go all the way down to almost Somerset and turn right up the ramp (one way only). Be very careful of the large speed bump near the start of the ramp.". There is no Tim Horton's nearby for social afterwards so bring coffee/food with you. Maker Space North also has coffee/tea making facilities there.

What Do We Do?

The monthly meetings generally go like this :

6:30 - 7:00pm - Meet and Talk - Swap and sell Components, tools,
                        equipment, magazines, and general chat about electronics.

7:00 - 8:00pm - Show and Tell - (or just Tell if you have nothing to show!).
                        Give a talk of any length and/or show off your electronic or
                        other hobby projects!

8:00 - 9:00pm - Book(s) or Article(s) of the Month - mention a news headline,
                       or describe/show an article about a groundbreaking
                       electronics development or illuminating discussion.

                        Eureka Moment / Lessons Learned - describe a moment of
                        inspiration when you finally solved a nagging electronics problem.
                        Or, describe a pitfall that you have encountered while working
                        with electronics.

                        Brainstorming Session - ask a question or describe an electronics
                        problem that had been plaguing you. Other members can give
                        answers, advice or suggestions.

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